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“Deafening Silence” Movie To Premiere At Ebony Life Place



“Deafening Silence” Movie To Premiere At Ebony Life Place

The highly anticipated gender-based movie “Deafening Silence,” is finally set to hit the TV screen on Wednesday, June 5th, 2024, at Ebony Life Place, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Directed by the acclaimed Biodun Stephen, this powerful film is a joint production by the EU-UN and Spotlight Initiative in collaboration with the United Nations Development Fund, UNDP, and the Foundation for Resilient Empowerment and Development, FRED.

“Deafening Silence” boasts an impressive lineup of Nollywood stars, including Toni Tones, Kate Henshaw, Femi Jacobs, Daniel Etim Effiong, Chidi Mokeme, Bimbo Akintola, Derby Felix, and Ekamma Etim-Inyang. The movie explores deep societal issues, delivering a poignant message about gender equality and empowerment.

Esteemed directors Emem Isong Misode, Abiodun Adebayo, and Biodun Stephen have lent their expertise to bring this compelling narrative to life. The film is produced by the talented Joy Uduak Johnson.


“Deafening Silence” Movie To Premiere At Ebony Life Place


Following the premiere, “Deafening Silence” will be available for the public to watch in cinemas nationwide.

Toni Tones a major cast in the movie thinks that everyone must see this movie. “I am incredibly honored to be a part of ‘Deafening Silence.’

This film tackles important issues of gender equality and gives a voice to those who often go unheard. Can’t wait for everyone to see it!” For Kate Henshaw “Working on ‘Deafening Silence’ has been an enlightening experience.

This movie brings critical conversations to the forefront, and I’m excited for its premiere. It’s a story that needs to be told.”

Every cast has a memorable experience to share about the movie and the need for Nigerians to attend the Premiere and subsequently go to the cinemas to watch it live when it is publicly released. For instance, Femi Jacobs said that “Deafening Silence’ is more than just a movie; it’s a movement.

I’m proud to be part of a project that challenges societal norms and advocates for change. Join us at the premiere!” Daniel Etim Effiong corroborated Femi’s assertion when he said “Being involved in ‘Deafening Silence’ has been a transformative journey. This film sheds light on gender issues in a profound way, and I believe it will resonate deeply with audiences.”

Chidi Mokeme could not agree any less: ‘’Deafening Silence’ is a powerful film with a powerful message. I’m thrilled to be part of such a meaningful project and look forward to sharing it with the world.” Bimbo Akintola thinks that “‘Deafening Silence’ is an important film that highlights critical issues in our society. I’m proud to be part of a story that pushes for gender equality and empowerment.”

The UNDP Resident Representative in Nigeria, Ms. Elsie G. Attafuah, said “I am thrilled to be part of the premiere of ‘Deafening Silence.’ This film is a powerful exploration of gender issues that resonate deeply in our society.

Bringing this impactful story to the big screen and to a global audience is a significant step toward fostering important conversations and driving change. We are excited to host such a meaningful event and look forward to a successful premiere on Wednesday, June 5th.”

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