ICYMI: Fani Kayode VS NUJ, Genesis Of The Trouble

Recall that there have been several reports on what transpired between popular Nigerian politician, Fani-Kayode, also known as FFK.

But giving insight to the whole episode, Newsrainng has recalled the whole drama and how it started. Read Details below;

“During questions and answers session, I asked, ‘Sir, please you did not disclose to us who is bankrolling you’. “FFK did not allow me to land with the question when he threw caution to the winds and shouted at me, and said the press briefing was over.

“He then rained terrible abuses on me, calling me unprintable names; that I was sponsored to come and ask and insult him. “He said: ‘How dare you ask me such a very stupid question! I know that you, a hungry-looking, brown envelope journalist; you are sponsored to ask me such an insulting question. You can look into my eyes and ask me such a demeaning question! I cannot take that!

“‘I am a very rich lawyer, who has been in government; who has been detained many times by governments. I have a very rich background. How can you ask who is bankrolling my tours of the states? “It is very insulting, and I cannot take that. You are very stupid. I know your publishers; I will call them in the next few minutes. You have to be fired. I cannot answer any more questions from you or any other reporter. This conference has ended. I have a very short temper’.


“It took the intervention and pleas from Chief Press Secretary to Governor Ayade, Mr. Christian Ita, and other journalists before the ex-minister would leave me alone. “He said: ‘You can go ahead and write your rubbish. I have marked you.’ “When he returned to his suite, he sent one of his security aides to further threaten me.
The man accosted me, saying ‘what effrontery do you have to ask such a stupid question, and what was my next action’. “Sensing how tensed the atmosphere was, I said to the man, ‘I had apologized to the ex-minister. If the usage of the word ‘bankroll’ was offensive to him, then I withdraw it.

What more should I do?’ “I then sneaked away. Now, the ex-minister is circulating a video claiming I was rude to him. What could be farther from the truth! I have a modest background and well-trained as a high priest to respect people of all standing. “Please note too that I am a Bishop in the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, which exalted stand can never allow me to descend to insulting public figures or anyone. “This is also to pacify colleagues that have called to express unhappiness that I did not ‘give it back to FKK’.”