Ebenezer Obey Reveals Plan To Get A New Wife

Veteran juju cum gospel musician Ebenezer Obey-Fabiyi has revealed the kind of woman he would remarry after losing his wife Juliana nine years ago.
Speaking on his intention to get a new wife, the 78-year-old singer revealed that his reason for wanting to have a new wife is for companionship.

“The companionship of a wife is a good thing. I can marry at any time; not just for the sake of marriage as it is, but for the sake of companionship,” he said.

Speaking further, the ‘Chief Commander’ as he is popularly called said that he is not looking for a wife to bear him babies but to enjoy each other’s company.

He also noted that he can not marry a young lady. Adding that to him, it is only a foolish old man who will marry a young lady.
According to him a young lady is just starting her life and is still very strong, unlike the old man. So someone like him shouldn’t be thinking of being with a young lady but a woman who is 60 or above.

He said: “It’s a foolish old man that will say he wants to marry a young lady. The young lady has just started her life and definitely is virile and strong. Someone like me should be thinking of a woman who is 60 or above. And when I do it soon, everyone will know.”

Recall that Ebenezer Obey is a household name in Nigerian music, he started his professional career in the mid-1950s after moving to Lagos. After tutelage under Fatai Rolling-Dollar’s band, he formed a band called The International Brothers in 1964, playing highlife-juju fusion. The band later metamorphosed into Inter-Reformers in the early-1970s, with a long list of Juju album hits on the West African Decca musical label
As is characteristic of Nigerian Yoruba social-circle music, the Inter-Reformers band reportedly excel in praise-singing for rich Nigerian socialites and business tycoons.

Obey, however, is also renowned for Christian spiritual themes in his music and has since the early-1990s retired into Nigerian gospel music ministry.
He married Juliana Olaide Olufade in 1963.

His wife, known as Lady Evangelist Juliana Obey-Fabiyi, died at Lagos State University Teaching Hospital on 23 August 2011, aged 67. They have several children and grandchildren.

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