Simplicity Is Key In Making Fashion Statement- CEO Drake Outfits Reveals

Simplicity Is Key In Making Fashion Statement- CEO Drake Outfits Reveals

Drake Outfits, established over a decade ago is one of the fast-growing indigenous fashion brands in Nigeria. In this interview, the founder and CEO, Ahmed Odusanya, a graduate of Electrical Electronics Engineering from  Obafemi Awolowo University  Ile-Ife, spoke to News Rain about his ideas and business.

Meet Ahmed Odusanya

I am Ahmed Odusanya, the CEO of Drake Outfits, a fashion brand based in Lagos, Nigeria. I’m a lover of fashion and very passionate about making people look good with quality.

The desire to express my statement in fashion spurred me into creating a fashion brand.

The Values That Stand Me Out

At Drake Outfits, our values are integrity, quality, style, simplicity, and respect for our customers.

My Personal and Business Ideologies

My personal ideologies revolve around having a strong personality imbued with integrity, clarity of vision, being tenacious while also maintaining flexibility in dealing with issues of life, a good sense of style, optimism, and belief.

For business, I believe in seeking knowledge, being financially astute, good people management, customer-focused, and having a very reliable brand. These and a whole lot more are very essential ingredients for business success.

My Driving Force

The vision I have for the business and the desire for expression and success keep driving me in the business

Any Business Challenges?

The challenges of business are enormous. Being an entrepreneur isn’t a small deal. I don’t even know where to start on the challenges but they are certain to show up. Handling them is the real game. Everybody has a different question paper to answer.

The Effect of Covid-19 on My Business

COVID-19 has and is still adversely affecting a lot of businesses. It’s one of the challenges to be faced. We had to restrategize a number of things to keep the business going. Change is inevitable. We’ve embraced with dignity what has happened and the lessons COVID-19 has taught.

Post Covid-19 Projections

In projecting post-COVID-19, firstly there’s a vision in place that will always serve as a guide, what usually changes are the tactics employed to stay in line. So we’re positioning the business to ride on the opportunities that lie ahead while also remaining vigilant to ensure robustness in tackling what’s to come.

Doing Business in Nigeria

My view about doing this type of business considering the Nigerian business environment hinges on a number of things. All businesses have peculiar challenges and entrepreneurs aren’t the same in nature. A number of things will determine the survival and growth of business in any environment.

Firstly I would expect the entrepreneur to have a passion for what they are doing, which gives a strong foundation. Then you begin to talk about vision, the viability of the business, positioning, strategy, and government policies, enabling environment, etc. What to expect is vast. The entrepreneur had better be prepared.

What Dictates My Fashion Sense

Making a fashion statement, simplicity is key. Also style, quality, expression, and other good values are what a fashion business requires. These are some of the things that dictate my fashion sense. And these are the values I have entrenched in the brand Drake Outfits.

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