Ola Ibironke Reveals The Secret Behind Dudu Heritage

Ola Ibironke Reveals The Secret Behind Dudu Heritage

Ola Ibironke has revealed the secret behind his business outfit Dudu Heritage.

News Rain gathered this in a recent interview with the newly installed Captain of the prestigious Ibadan Golf Club where he spoke about the secret behind the success he made through his popular brand, Dudu Heritage, and how he came about the brand.

Speaking on how he came about the brand name, the popular movie cum music promoter said he was not surprised that today, the brand name, Dudu Heritage has kind of overshadowed his real name.

He said: “That is irony of life. Because I have heard so many rumors about that, people saying all sorts of things. But to be honest, I wanted to set up an African store in the United States of America. So I was thinking of what I could call it. I chose Oracle, I chose Black Heritage, and about three other names. But something now came to me, because of what the store will be dealing with, Africa items, music, and all the rest of it. And it wasn’t Nigerians only I want to serve. I want to render service to both black Americans and white Americans. Nigerians already know what we are into but the people that don’t know, I needed a catch that will draw them in. My wife then suggested that why don’t we put our native language in front of the heritage as earlier noted, ‘Dudu Heritage’. And you know in America whey they say doo-doo, it means shits. But our own is ‘Dudu Heritage.’

“So when I adopted Dudu Heritage, Home of Africa Culture, Entertainments & Arts. In less than three weeks I got about three black Americans walked in, they wanted to find out the meaning of ‘Dudu’. I had to explain to them that it means Black and not the other doo-doo. That was how I came about Dudu Heritage.”

In regard to the success he made through the brand, especially in music production, he particularly mentioned the popular album ‘Omorapala Overthrow’ by popular Fuji musician Abass Obesere which was recorded under Dudu Heritage Entertainment.


The album which makes record-breaking sales also sparked a kind of controversy then. Some said the album was the target at another popular Fuji musician, K1 the Ultimate. The controversy was however debunked by Ibironke.

He said: “That is not true. You see because I am an introvert. It is the making of God that the name became a household name. But if you know me personally, you will know I don’t like noise. I don’t like being on pages of newspapers. If not that events have healed so many things, I might not even have acceded to granting this interview. But because of the fact that I am now the captain of this club, definitely I would want to talk about my club and position it in a very good light. And I would want to be as transparent as I could in every question you ask, that is why I am opening up. I have never granted this kind of interview that I am granting you today.

Ola Ibironke Dudu Heritage Boss

You see the issue of Obesere was just defined. It wasn’t meant to target anybody. I was not even a Fuji person then. I was just an entertainment person, just to catch fun. As a matter of fact, it was Rasheed Ayinde that first caught my attention when a brother brought him. I rendered what I could. We did promotions and sales for them. The issue of Abass Obesere however came after I promoted a show for K1 in New Jersey. That was in 1998, Oluaye in New Jersey. It was a successful show and the cd was all over. In fact, that show was what brought me and K1 very close. It was after he left that Abass came. And through my friend Bode D Way, we got connected and I did his show. After the show, he just said, “Egbon mi and I would like to do a record for you o”. That was how I sponsored that ‘Omorapala Overthrow’. And to me, I was just catching fun. To God be the glory, God made it a huge success. And that is what brought me and Abass together up till today. It is like a brother to brother relationship. If he doesn’t see or hear from me in a week, he would call me. Even if he travels to America and I am not there, he would still call me. Because there is no country in the world that he would travel to that the record didn’t get to. That was why I said it was just defined.

After Obesere I did Shola Allyson too, ‘Eji Owuro’. It was all over as well. So the sponsoring of Obesere hasn’t got anything to do with K1 or to spite anybody. It was pure business.”

Meanwhile speaking further on the present state and future of Dudu Heritage, the entertainment entrepreneur said: “Well, Dudu Heritage the company still stands. Ola Ibironke the man behind Dudu Heritage still stands. You know like I told you, entertainment to me is like a passion. It is just a fraction of what I do. Ironically that is what gave me the prominence. Entertainment generally in the whole world in the last couple of years is collapsing.

Because when the developed world has been embracing the Internet, the social media, to distribute its contents, we still so much believe in CDs and the rest of it. So before we could wake up some people have already caught on what we labored for. Don’t forget the piracy is still there, which is still up till tomorrow eating deep into the works of everybody.

Seriously if not for the new dimension, the corporate world sponsoring most of our artists, signing them, giving them endorsements as they do abroad. If they have to rely probably on materials they release, they won’t make any money.

Though we have the population, the system we run doesn’t make everybody accessible to how they will get the materials.”

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