Revealed! You Won’t Believe What Shea Butter Does To Your Body

Revealed! You Won't Believe What Shea Butter Does To Your Body

Shea Butter more popularly known as ‘Ori’ has come to be a household beauty product.

News Rain gathered that the proliferation of artificial skincare products has reduced the patronage of the national product.

Shea Butter And Your Body.

Meanwhile, over the years Shea butter has been confirmed as a major natural product to solve many health issues. From skin to the hair, Shea butter, according to research and findings, is known for its versatility to solve many health problems and challenges. It is notably a rich source of vitamins A, E, and F.

News Rain brings to the fore some of the amazing benefits of Shea butter.

Protection Against The Ultraviolet Radiations Of The Sun

Shea Butter provides protection against the ultraviolet radiation of the sun, thus acting as a natural sunscreen protection. Shea Butter is considered as the best skin care product for different seasons especially during the harmattan period as it provides extra moisture and nutrients needed by your skin.

Clearing Nasal Congestion

Its healing properties are quite amazing. It aids in clearing nasal congestion. When experiencing nasal congestion, you can apply Ori to the nostrils to clear the passage.

All Varieties of Hair Treatment

Shea Butter works many wonders on your hair. When applied to the hair, it conditions the scalp, alleviates dandruff, decreases that dreaded frizz, and also moisturizes the hair.

Protection of Lips

Shea Butter also soothes and protects your lips. Applying Shea butter several times a day to the lips makes the lips look healthy and protects them from cracks.

For Massaging

Shea Butter, due to its anti-inflammatory properties, Shea Butter is used as a medicinal ointment for massage. Locally, it is also used in treating bone injuries.

Treatment of Eczema and other Skin Infections

Shea Butter is also used to treat eczema, scars, skin discolorations, blemishes, chapped lips, stretch marks, and other skin infections.

As a Disinfectant

Shea Butter is used as a disinfectant and also as a healing agent due to its high content of vitamin A. Applying Shea butter on insect bites gives soothing relief.

Repairing Cracked Heels

This moisturizer aids in repairing cracked heels. If you are suffering from cracked heels, it is recommended that you apply Shea Butter and put on cotton socks before going to bed.

While Shaving

Shea Butter could also be used while shaving. Either before shaving or after shaving, Shea butter can be applied to soothe irritations and also to improve the condition of that part of the body.

As Anti Aging

Shea Butter, due to its anti-aging properties helps in preventing wrinkles and facial lines.

Meanwhile, on every health issue, News Rain advised you to consult a relevant health practitioner.


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