Covid-19: Iyabo Ojo Allegedly Raise False Alarm At Lagos Airport

Covid-19: Iyabo Ojo Allegedly Raise False Alarm At Lagos airport

Iyabo Ojo has been accused of raising false alarm on Covid-19.

News Rain gathered that a few hours ago, Iyabo Ojo a prominent actress and film producer took to her Instagram page to call out officials at Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos for extorting N51,950 from her for a COVID-19 test, which was never performed.

Covid-19: Iyabo Ojo On False Alarm At Lagos Airport

In the post, the actress, reportedly said she had earlier been tested for COVID-19 in Turkey, where she came from, a day before heading home to Nigeria and it came out negative.

However, things went out of hand when she touched down in Nigeria and was made to pay for another COVID-19 test, which they never did.

Iyabo Ojo wrote: “Hello Nigeria, I was really very upset at the Nigerian airport this morning, I did a COVID-19 test yesterday morning at the Turkish Istanbul airport before I was in Nigeria.

“I was really very upset at the Nigerian airport this morning, I did a COVID-19 test yesterday morning at the Turkish Istanbul airport before I was even allowed to fly, I had to even change my ticket because I needed to wait to collect my result. So now I’ve been tested, I’m COVID-19 free… and free to fly.

“I flew in this morning less than 24hrs with my negative test result of COVID-19, they didn’t even check it at the Lagos airport with all the stress I had to go through to do it in Turkey.

“Boom! To my greatest surprise, I was made to pay another N51,950 for another COVID-19 test.

“Funny enough they didn’t carry out any test.

“They collected my money checked my temperature & gave me a paper to go to a center in Lekki to do another COVID-19 test.

“ARE YOU SERIOUS! So what happened to the test I did in Turkey yesterday? Is it fake? This is extortion! Extortion!! Extortion!!!

“Why couldn’t you people carry out the test immediately at the airport as Turkey did, they collected 250TL that’s about N15,000 in Nigerian money and we went back for results 6hrs later in the same airport.

“You people in Lagos collected my money and still gave me a paper to go and do the test myself in Lekki. I have suffered.”

She went further complaining: “Custom also came with their own frustration and wanted to collect money from me again, saying that my goods were worth 50kg and I will have to pay a fine.

“Everything in the country is money. However, I made them understand that I was already frustrated and I didn’t pay any fine.

“Nigeria my country, happy anniversary in advance.” She conclusion.

Meanwhile, an official, who does not want his name mentioned, reportedly said the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control had put out information which details the protocol and steps for travelers coming into the country.

Travelers coming into the country are required to pay in advance for another test seven days after their arrival.

The official said in this wise, the money collected from Iyabo Ojo was not for instant testing at the airport, but for her to undergo a second test seven days after arrival. Penalties have been outlined for defaulters.

The source spoke further: “If a person is not treated right in the airport, it is not our jurisdiction and he or she might want to channel their grievance to the airline.”

Recall that Having been involved in a drama group at secondary school, Iyabo Ojo commenced her acting career in 1998. She registered with the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) through the help of Bimbo Akintola, she was also able to network to other people

Noted that Ojo has scripted and featured in several Nigerian films. Her first role was in 1998’s Satanic, an English-language film. In 2002, she made her Yoruba-language debut with Baba Darijinwon In January 2015, her film Silence, which features Joseph Benjamin Alex Usifo, Fathia Balogun, and Doris Simeon, premiered at the Silverbird Cinemas, Ikeja, in Lagos.

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