My Fear About Marriage-Chioma Okoye

My Fear About Marriage-Chioma Okoye

Chioma Okoye has revealed why she is scared about getting married.

News Rain Nigeria gathered that the popular actress in a recent interview confessed her fear about marriage.

My Fear About Marriage-Chioma Okoye

She said: “Naturally, I’ve always been scared of marriage, even without the reports of celebrities’ marriages crashing popping up daily. I can’t really explain why, but the thoughts of leaving my family to live with another person, changing my surname to another, and going to another village for Christmas instead of my village scare me. This was my major fear before, but now it has toppled. Now, I have fears of emotional blackmail, domestic violence, or lack of peace at home.”

Speaking further, Okoye ruled out the possibility of dating or marrying one of her colleagues. In this regard, she spoke about her experience in the hands of producers among others.

“They have harassed me sexually indirectly but I am no longer a child. I should be able to tell what a man wants; asking you to be his girlfriend and still tells hundreds of girls the same thing, I guess.” She said.

It will be recalled that marriage has been a serious issue among celebrities. A good number of marriages in the circle are being dissolved while baby mama has become something in vogue due to the inability of the couple to reach an agreement of how they want to live together or run their families.

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