Popular Kannywood Director Is Dead(Checkout His Photos)

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Tributes have been pouring in for Nura Mustapha Waye, a Kannywood director whose death was announced on Sunday morning.

From Facebook to Instagram, fans have been showering encomiums on the director of the famous Kannywood YouTube, “Izzar So”.

The deceased, who directed several other series and films, was said to have gone to bed hale and hearty on Saturday night.


Popular Kannywood Director Is Dead(Checkout His Photos)


The news of his death took many by surprise.

In a Facebook post, a user with the name, Muqtar Bala Muqtar, said, “I was sad when I came across the news of your demise Nura Mustapha Waye”Izzar so director”!!! May Allah have mercy upon your soul and make paradise to be your final home.

May Allah grant fortitude to your family, frds, izzar so team as well as kannywood fraternity to bear this great loss.”

For Zarah Abdullahi, “Innalillahi wa’inna ilaihirraji’un Allah has given the director of the film Izzar so Director Nura Mustapha who is dead may Allah have mercy on you and forgive you.”

On his verified Facebook page, popular actor, Ali Nuhu, said, “May Allah have mercy on Nura Mustapha.”

Lawan Ahmed, another actor, said, “Innalillahi wainnailaihirrajiun May Allah accept the life of Nura Mustapha who is Director Izzar. May Allah forgive his short comings amen, may Allah make us die with faith when our time comes amen.”

Nura has since been buried in accordance with Islamic rites.

He is survived by a wife and children.

See His Photos Below;

By Iyabo Aina

Publisher News Rain Nigeria