A Look At How Primate Ayodele Foretold Massive Protests In South Africa, Kenya, Tunisia

Some countries in Africa are experiencing serious unrest following massive protests against their government by opposition and citizens.

These countries include South Africa, Kenya, Senegal, and Tunisia, to mention a few.

The leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele had warned their presidents beforehand that there will be massive protests against them calling for their removal if care isn’t taken.

For Tunisia, Primate Ayodele in a video shared on his social media page many months back stated that the citizens will not want the president and due to this, there will be massive protests that will lead to unrest in the country.


A Look At How Primate Ayodele Foretold Massive Protests In South Africa, Kenya, Tunisia


These were his words in the video, “In Tunisia, they will not want the president, there is going to be protest, they will begin to fight him.”

Just as he said, there have been heavy protests in the country against the current leadership by the opposition and citizens. They are calling for an end to the administration of Kais Saied, fulfilling Primate Ayodele’s prophecy.

South Africa is not any different, the opposition leader, Julius Malema has been organizing protests in the country against the president. The protest keeps getting bigger every day and this was seen in the one that was held yesterday Monday, 20th Of March, 2023.

Primate Ayodele had in different prophecies warned President Ramophosa of a heavy protest that will call for his removal as president.

South Africa:The president will face a major mass protest that needs a lot of prayers.

They should pray against the death of a top politician, a judge, and a musician.

The government will experience a tough mass protest that will be calling for the removal of the president. They must pray against epidemics of disease and flooding that will kill people. The military must pray against attacks.”

Also in Kenya, the opposition leader, Raila Odinga organized a serious protest that led to chaos in the country yesterday.

The protest was against the present administration led by President William Ruto. This is coming after Primate Ayodele warned President Ruto of such a protest that will frustrate his government. Some died in the protest while many were severely injured.

Primate Ayodele has been in the ministry of warning African presidents and world leaders of what they will likely face beforehand.

Some of the events that have happened in the world were foretold by him in his prophetic warnings and advice to world leaders.


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