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How Governor-Elect, Agbu Kefas Will Transform Taraba State-Oluwatosin Alex



How Governor-Elect, Agbu Kefas Will Transform Taraba State-Oluwatosin Alex

Yesterday, when Taraba state governor-elect, Agbu Kefas visited the outgoing governor, Darius Ishaku, the latter told him to focus on stomach infrastructure as he believes the people of Taraba are hungry and appreciate food more than any other project.

The response of the governor-elect was that he will transform Taraba state and take the state to a level where it will comfortably compete with other states in the federation.
The comment of Governor Darius Ishaku on stomach infrastructure was meant to give the governor-elect a strategy on how to get the support of the masses in his government but little did he know that Agbu Kefas has a solid plan not just to provide food for the people of Taraba but to also make an average indigene of the state self-sufficient.

How Governor-Elect, Agbu Kefas Will Transform Taraba State-Oluwatosin Alex

When the people depend on the government to feed, it shows absolute failure of the government in power because in a saner cline, the work of their hands should be able to provide food for them, all the government is needed for is maintain peace and security, perfect administration, provide good infrastructure and bring development to the state.
One of the ways Agbu Kefas will be transforming Taraba state is security. We know the state is faced with security challenges that is yet to be resolved. When there is no security, development will be very difficult. Agbu Kefas, who is a retired army personnel will be using his experience in security affairs to restore peace in Taraba.
The security of Taraba state is certain at least for the next four years immediately after Kefas is sworn-in.
Another way he will be transforming the state is ensuring education is easily accessible to the people regardless of their status. Education is an important factor for transformation anywhere in the world.
Without education, it’s almost impossible for anyone to be employed or be opened to life changing opportunities especially for the youths. Agbu Kefas will make education affordable for the average Tarabian and with this, transformation is just by the corner.
In Agbu Kefas’ administration, there will be massive employment for the people as he has been in talks with investors across the country. There will be several job opportunities for the people of Taraba state like never before.
These jobs will be picking up youths from the streets, and this will greatly contribute to the end of insecurity in the state.
The health of the people is also important to Governor-elect Agbu Kefas. His administration will cater more for the health of the people. There will be serious improvements in health care services, more health care centres will be built and well experienced medical practitioners will be employed.
With this and many more, Taraba state is two months away from real transformation as governor-elect, Agbu Kefas has so much to offer.