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Photos/Video: One Person Killed, Market Shut Down As Hausa And Yoruba Clash In Ogba



Photos/Video: One Person Killed, Market Shut Down As Hausa And Yoruba Clash In Ogba

Commercial activities in Ogba Oluwole Market, Ojodu Local Council Development Area of Lagos State were suspended this morning, following a clash between Yoruba and Hausa.

Newsrain Nigeria reports that the clash started on Thursday evening when a resident of Oluwole, who is also an Ojodu local government task force agent was allegedly stabbed by an unidentified Hausa man leaving him dead in a pool of blood.

According to an eyewitness, the deceased was said to be bleeding profusely before he gave up the ghost, leading to a retaliation between Yoruba and Hausa in the area.

The retaliation led to the destruction of food items including peppers, onions, and other perishables sold by Hausa traders.

Another eyewitness, Mr David Olumise who also spoke with Newsrain Nigeria gave full details of what happened.

He said: the guy who was killed is a resident of the Oluwole area in Ogba, and he works with the Ojodu local government as a task force agent.


Photos/Video: One Person Killed, Market Shut Down As Hausa And Yoruba Clash In Ogba


So, yesterday the okada rider who happens to be an Hausa man did not buy a ticket, while the task force agent was trying to enforce the law by arresting the Hausa okada rider, other Hausa guys around came out in large numbers to stop the taskforce agent,  and in the process, one of the Hausa guys brought out a dagger, stabbed the taskforce agent and killed him and that was yesterday evening.

So when the information got to the guys of Oluwole who happens to be the taskforce agent colleagues, they decided to come out this morning to retaliate and start looking for every Hausa guy to beat and destroy their goods.

The task force agents’ colleagues even took the dead body of their colleague that was killed to area G police station here in Ogba and they told the police to at least help fish out the killer of their colleague.

As we speak, the police are yet to identify the killer of the task force agent. so currently, the Yorubas are taking laws into their own hands by causing unrest in the Ogba community.

The police are yet to restore order in the area and Ogba presently is not safe as people are still scared of what might transpire if they go on with their daily business activities. Even I speaking with you, I am also scared because I don’t know what might happen anytime.

An effort to speak with the area G police spokesperson was denied as some police officers approached refused to give us audience.

We also saw police vans patrolling the market in an attempt to stem the clash and restore normalcy.

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