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Edo Election Update: PDP Currently Leading See Results Of Local Government Areas Declared So Far By INEC

Edo Election Update: PDP Currently Leading See Results Of Local Government Areas Declared So Far By INEC

Note that yesterday, 19 September 2020, the people of Edo State, South-south Nigeria, troop out to elect a new governor to govern the southern state for another four years term.

New Rain reports that that the election would take place in eighteen (18) Local Government Areas (LGAs) and one hundred and ninety-two (192) wards in the state.




Live reports from Edo state, southern Nigeria.

News Rain gathered that the Peoples Democratic Party candidate, the incumbent Governor of the State, Mr Godwin Obaseki and his Deputy, who happens to be his running mate Mr Philip Shaibu are currently leading the at the Edo State gubernatorial election.
Edo Election: Eight PDP Governors Join Obaseki's Campaign Rally
The Peoples Democratic Party candidate Godwin Obaseki has been leading so far according to an INEC officials results that emanated from the Coalition Center,  which affirmed that the out of 18 local government areas in the State, Obaseki of PDP is lead over his main rival Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu.
Obaseki of the PDP who is currently maintaining a lead over Pastor Ize-Iyamu with over 80, 000 votes in all the 15 Local Government Areas declared so far by INEC is likely to win the guber race any moment from now.
The results of the Local Government Areas declared so far by the INEC are as stated below:
Igueben LGA:
Registered: 46828
Accredited: 13404
APC: 5199
PDP: 7870
Valid: 13170 Rejected: 212 Total Cast: 13382
Owan East LGA:
Accredited: 34,919
APC: 19295
PDP: 14762
Valid: 34246 Rejected: 515 Total Cast: 34761.
Egor LGA:
Registered: 219841
Accredited: 39709
APC: 10202
PDP: 27,621
Valid: 38396 Rejected: 955 Total Cast: 39351.
Owan West LGA:
Registered: 61193
Accredited: 23294
APC: 11193
PDP: 11,485
Valid: 22849. Rejected: 404 Total Cast: 23253
Ovia North East:
Registered: 143009
Accredited: 28,607
APC: 9907
PDP: 16987
Valid: 27437 Rejected: 934 Total Cast: 28371. No case of cancellation
Etsako West:
Registered: 158899
Accredited: 48846
APC: 26140
PDP: 17959
Valid: 44539 Rejected: 2828 Total cast: 47367
Oredo LGA:
Registered: 309968
Accredited: 64783
APC: 18366
PDP: 43498
Valid: 62578 Rejected: 1302 Total Cast: 63880
Esan West LGA:
Registered: 99983
Accredited: 25530
APC: 7189
PDP: 17434
Valid: 24880 Rejected: 579. Total cast: 25459
Uhunmwonde LGA:
APC :  5,972
PDP: 10,022
Akoko Edo LGA
APC: 22,963
PDP: 20,101
APC:  17,011
PDP: 10,668
APC: 8,359
PDP: 7,438
Esan South East LGA:
APC= 9,237
PDP= 10,563
Esan North East LGA:
APC =6556
PDP = 13, 579
Esan Central LGA:
APC =6,719
PDP = 10,694
Ikpoba-Okha LGA:
APC =18,218
PDP = 41,030
….says money cannot buy people’s conscience
News Rain, Reports that the Deputy Governor of Edo State, Mr Philip Shaibu, who is also the running mate of Governor Obaseki of the Peoples Democratic Party has said that his victory at his polling unit is a clear signal that money cannot be used to buy people’s conscience.
Shaibu of PDP won in his unit 5, Ward 11, in Azama Primary School of Etsako West Local Government Area, with 401 votes as against the APC votes of 148.
Shaibu Speaking shortly after the votes were counted by the Presiding Officer who officially declared PDP winner of the unit, Expressed his satisfaction about the outcome of the election in his unit.
He said, ”  I asked God for victory and I know he will not give me anything less than that. With the results declared so far, I know will win again, my own is to give glory to God.
“Despite all their threats and inducement with N5,000, N4,000, the people refused and still voted for their conscience. What has happened in my unit shows that money can never buy the conscience of the people in a truly democratic process”,
The Deputy Governor said “I know from the onset that God wants to show his supremacy over human. I am happy because he has never disappointed us.
“As for me, I have no godfather, but the almighty God. The general feeling from the state is that God is winning, He is winning in almost all the units. The race is between light and darkness. Shaibu stressed.


HoodlumsSnatch Ballot Box In Egor LGA

Some unknown hoodlums have snatched a ballot box in Benin City.

News Rain gathered that some thugs that are suspected to be working for politicians have snatched a ballot box in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State.

The suspected thugs that were said to be four in number, at about 11: 45pm stormed a polling unit that is located on Mela Motel Road in Benin City.

The thugs were reported to have drive-in drove into the polling unit with a white puck up the van, and headed straight to the ballot boxes, snatch one of it and then rushed back into their vehicle and drove away, the incident as we gathered, left the police at the unit helpless because there was no vehicle for the officer to pursue the hoodlums.

Meanwhile, the police have reported the incident on air.

Below are the Edo Election Results from different polling units 

Ward 1 (Okada West) in Ovia North-East PU 003 Okada Grammar School I

VP 4 PDP 58, APC 44

VP 3: PDP 60, APC 25

VP 2: PDP 80, APC 44, void 2

VP 1: PDP 79, APC 32, void 6

Total PDP 277, APC 145

PU 004 Okada Grammar School II

VP 1: PDP 76, APC 45, Void 3

VP 2: PDP 85, APC 43, void 1

VP 3: PDP 87, APC 33, void 3

VP 4: PDP 78, APC 42, void 1

Total: PDP 326, APC 163, void 8





APC- 52







PDP- 90


Void: 0

Ward 4, PU 5, Esan west LGA Collation has ended.

PDP 336

APC 80



Void votes – 13

PU 12 Ward 4 Uromi Esan North-east LGA.

Total registered voters 710

APC 58

PDP 118


Void 6

Ward04 PU O12 Big joe motors aduwawa Ikopba/okha LG

Invalid: 6

ADP :1


PDP :174

Accredited voters: 251

Registered voters: 1657

Number of vote cast: 249

Esan North East LGA, Arue (Ward 03), Arue Primary School 2 (PU 005): Valid votes cast – 213

PDP – 150

APC – 61

ADC – 2

Orhionwmwon LG, Abiokunla 1, PU 012, Ewuare P/S, Ogan 1

APC: 94

PDP: 79

YPP— 1

ADC: 1

Invalid: 1

Number of casted votes : 176

Ward 4, PU6, Eguare Primary School, Esan West LGA





PDP 140

APC 41


PU002, Elaka P/S, Idunmulaka II, Ugbeka Ward, Orhionmwon LGA Election results

AA: 001

APC: 069

PDP: 075

PU 13 Ward 4 Uromi Esan North-east LGA total registered voters 432

APC 28

PDP 71


Void 1

Esan North-East LGA, Uelen/Okugbe (Ward 04), Okpujie Primary School 3 (PU 004): Smart card accredited voters – 158

PDP – 119

APC – 31

ADC – 1

ADP – 2





APC- 33







PDP- 40


Egor LGA, ward 6, Evbareke, Unit 10, Results

PDP – 99

APC – 46

2:40 pm: PU010, Idunmwongo P/S, Idunmwongo, Ugbeka Ward, Orhionmwon LGA election results

ADP: 2

ADC: 1

PDP: 46

APC: 43

Void/Invalid Votes: 2

Valid votes: 92

Registered Voters: 379.

2:51 pm Orhionwmwon LG, Ward 1 Abiokula 1, PU 11, Alophanme City Hall, Ossiomo

APC : 84

PDP : 143

ADP: 01

Total number of casted vote : 230

Void: 2

Please note that these results are not yet confirmed by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, the only body recognised by law to declare election result.

3:47 Pm.  APC Agents Caught Thumb Printing For Voters In Etsako LG

News Rain reports that APC Party Agents has been caught, while thump printing for voters at Etsako.
News Rain gathered that the All Progressive Congress Party Agents at ward 4, unit 1, of the Etsako East Local Government Area of the State have been caught while thump printing for voters.
One of the Party Agents that was caught while thump printing for voters around 11 am at the ward 4, unit 1 that is located inside Adosi Primary School, initially gave his name as Odubu Peter, while his real name is Eshoma Andrew.

3:06 Pm. I’m Confident That I’m In The Election To Win – Philip Shaibu

Philip Shaibu has said that he is in the race to win, at the ongoing election.
News Rain, Reports that the Deputy Governor of Edo State, Mr. Philip Shaibu has declared that his party PDP, will emerged winner at the ongoing guber election in the State.
The Deputy Governor who voted in his unit, at ward 5, unit 11, at Etsako Local Government Area of the State, this morning around 10:30 am, expressed his satisfaction over what he met on the ground in his polling unit, saying the election is going on smoothly.
When asked on the chance of his party winning at the ongoing election, Shaibu said,  “since campaigns have ended on Thursday, I won’t be able to comment on that, but I am confident that I am in the election to win and that was what I foresee from my unit here”.
The Deputy Governor also noted that “The election generally in the state is not bad except in Orhionmwon Local Government Area, where I gathered that the process was delayed.
“I want to say that the level of security deployment is also responsible for peace. I pray that it is the same all over the state, and if it is the same, those planning to snatch ballot boxes will have no chance to do that”. Shaibu said.

2: 38 pm: Obaseki Votes, Express Concern Over Votes Buying, INEC Unpreparedness

Governor Godwin Obaseki has voted in his unit.
News Rain gathered that the Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki has cast his vote, shows his displeased over what he called INEC unpreparedness, and vote-buying at the polling centers.
Obaseki who got to his polling unit around 10very30 am but refused to jump the queue later cast his vote alongside his wife at around 11:50 am, at his polling unit, that is located inside Emokpae Model Primary School, situated under Oredo Local Government Area of the State.
The Governor who expressed his displeased over some irregularities in the exercise in his area said that he expected that the INEC should have prepared better for the election more than what he met on the ground.
Obaseki said, ” INEC should have deployed more of its agents to help in the voting process of some high voting centers.
He stressed that some people were seen sharing monies to voters, he noted that this is a usual occurrence that used to marred previous elections in the Country.

1:20 PM One person reportedly shot at Ologbo in Ikpoba Okah LGA.

On in incident, the traditional ruler of the community, the Enogie of Ologbo Dukedoom, HRH Jason Owen Akenzua, reportedly said he heard gunshots and when he contacted the DPO, he was told that it was the police that fired shots when the place was rowdy.

“I heard gunshots and called the DPO  Ologbo. He told it was the police that fired warning shots to disperse the crowd when the place became rowdy. The area is calm and peaceful now.” He said

12:15 PM 

Deputy Governor Shaibu Voted, Says  Exercise Is Peaceful In His Unit

Edo Deputy Governor Shaibu has cast his vote.
News Rain, Reports that the Deputy Governor of Edo State, Mr. Philip Shaibu has cast his vote at the ongoing guber election in the State.
Philip Shaibu cast his vote, around 10:30 am, in his Ward 11,  Unit 5, of Etsako West Local Government Area of the State.
Meanwhile, the Deputy Governor has described the voting exercise in his polling unit as a peaceful one.
He maintained that the election in his area is going on smoothly, he also noted that the election is the best.
He said, ” this is the best election I have ever seen here, the Covid-19 protocols were properly adhered to in less than two minutes, I cast my votes, it seems the exercise is faster in this unit than the previous elections.

8:34 am Owan west, LGA:17 ward 4 PU 003. Voters are seen checking for their names. All is set but voting is yet to commence.

8:25 am: Etsako West Local Government Ward: 11 (Uzairue South West)
PU: 005. 5 minutes to the official commencement of voting, INEC officials are just pasting voter’s registration list.

8:10 AM: PU 07, Ward 5 Owan East LGA. Voter’s also seen queueing without maintaining social distancing.

8:05 AM: Emaudo/Eguare/Ekpoma, Ra 04, Pu 014 (Emaudo Primary School I) Esan West LGA. Asst. Presiding Officer III Addressing Voters In Their Various Languages.

08:03 AM: PU OO5 UROMI GIRLS PRIMARY SCHOOL IDUMU/OKOJIE (WARD 04), ESAN NORTHEAST LGA. It is observed that many voters are either not wearing a face mask or are wearing it the wrong way.

8:08 AM: Esan Southeast LGA, Ubiaja 1, Ward 06, PU 002, the ad-hoc staff are ready. The cubicle is arranged, voters list pasted and security agents surround the area.

7:57 am: Ohiomowhwon LG, RG Area Abiokunla 01, Ago-Ogbeide PU004, the electoral officers are preparing the election materials, voters are seen checking the pasted voters Registration list.

7:45 am: One of the cubicles at Ebelle Equare Primary School, Ward 06, PU 08, Igueben LGA is set up and ready for use.

7:53 AM: PU 06 Tipper Garage, Egor Ward, Egor LGA Voters are waiting to check for their names on the list.

7:47 am: Polling Unit 8 Voting point 1 ward 2 okpon Ovia South West Local Government, the Election officers are setting up for the business of the day.

7:44 AM: Polling Unit 005 and 006, Ugbeka Ward, Orhionmwon LGA Electoral officers just arrived at the units, preparation is ongoing as voters registers are being pasted.

7:43 AM: Ward 5 polling unit 4, argument amongst voters observed. Police officers aren’t doing anything to calm it down. Social Distancing is not observed.

7:38 am: at Unit 5, Uselu II, Egor LG, a couple of voters trying to confirm their names on the pasted Voters’ Registration List.

7:37am: LG:07, Ward 01, PU:01. Voters queuing without observing social distancing.

7:35am: LG:07, Ward 01, PU:01. Assistant Presiding officers paste the list of Accredited Voters.

7:29 am: at Etsako Central, Ward: 01, PU:02. Assistant Presiding officers paste the list of Accredited Voters.

7:20 am: at Unit 6, Uselu II, Egor LG, INEC ad-hoc staff have arrived and are seen setting up non-sensitive election materials in preparation for voting.

7:05 am: at Egoro, Ra 03. PU 006 (Equare Primary School 1), Esan West LGA. INEC officials setting up the polling unit.

7:00 am: at Egoro, Ra 03 Pu:006(Eguare Primary School) Esan west LGA. INEC officials moving out to their various polling units.

Local government areas where the election will take place are: Akoko Edo with 115,343 voters; Egor has 158,817; Esan Central has 40,831;  Esan North-East has 66,790; Esan South-East has 58,802; Esan West has 83,467;  Etsako Central has 42,042; Etsako East has 67,715;  Etsako West has 128,188, and Igueben has 34,988.

Others are Ikpoba/Okha with 214,822; Oredo, 240,197; Orhionmwon, 102,739; Ovia North-East, 113,167; Ovia South West, 77,468; Owan East, 77,827; Owan West, 46,245 and Uhunmwonde 57,290.

In the build-up to the election, Incumbent Governor Godwin Obasekiof the people’s Democratic Party (PDP), Nigeria’s main opposition party, has popped up clearly as a top contender for the office of the governor.

On the other hand, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu, the governorship candidate of All Progressives Congress (APC), Nigeria’s ruling party, is hoping to unseat Obaseki as the governor.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) put the number of registered voters for the election at 2,210,534. However, 483,796 PVCs were not collected, leaving 1,726,738 voters eligible to take part in today’s election. According to the delimitation of the state, elections would be conducted in the 2,627 polling units in 192 wards in the 18 LGAs of the state.

Fourteen (14) candidates are vying for the post of a governor on the platform of 14 political parties.



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