MAYOR ROHEY LOWE: The Hope Of Womanhood In Africa

Mayor Rohey Lowe who rose to enviable post of Mayor through a dint of hard work, resilience, humility, and care for humanity is ready to set the pace for all women in Africa.



News Rain Nigeria recalls that just as the recent announcement of Nigeria’s Professor Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala as the Director-General of the World Trade Organization (WHO), another woman that is ready to set the pace for all women in Africa is the Mayor of Banjul, The Gambia Mayor Rohey Lowe.

According to reports, Mayor Lowe is a dutiful woman who handles both governmental and family affairs perfectly. She is endowed with unique qualities that have attracted her into the minds of leaders of  Gambia and pushed her to aspire for higher positions of service to her people.


MAYOR ROHEY LOWE: The Hope Of Womanhood In Africa


The people of Banjul, Gambia have never had enough of her even though she has done very extremely well to serve them diligently and to the best of her abilities.

Mayor Lowe is blessed with vast rare gifts that have helped brighten her political career and she has also attended several local and international seminars which have also gone a long way in adding to her already boisterous curriculum vitae.

An experienced political technocrat and an equitable distributor of knowledge as far as leadership is concerned, Mayor Lowe has impacted positively and massively on the youths, women and children.

It is indeed worthy that Lord Mayor Rohey Lowe deserves being elected into the first office of The Gambia for posterity sake and for the introduction of new lease of lives for the people.


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