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Mbaise Europe’s President, Kingsley Njoku Speaks On Forthcoming Anniversary



Mbaise Europe's President, Kingsley Njoku Speaks On Forthcoming Anniversary

…Says Project NWAFOR Igbo Is A Timely Creation

Imo State indigenes are ready to set Europe agog as they gear up for the Mbaise Europe 4th Anniversary.

The powerful gathering of who is who from Imo State in Europe is slated to hold from August 24th to 26th, 2023

However, the President, Mbaise Europe, Hon. Kingsley Ajunwa Njoku in an interview shed light on what is to come in the 3-day carnival-like event, and other important issues.

Besides, Njoku also lauded the Convener of Project NWAFOR Igbo, Rowland Okorie on the initiative, stating that the Project is a timely creation. Excerpts


Mbaise Europe’s President, Kingsley Njoku Speaks On Forthcoming Anniversary


Sir, how has it been championing the Mbaise course for so long?

Well, we are one big family and we know each other by first names so it has been like a family affair. We look out for our own and try to make sure that our businesses and relationships are on course. Of course once in a while, we do have issues we use our contacts and tradition to rectify and we as well make sure we sell our ideas and get our intentions known especially back home to politicians and decision-makers in Imo State, we get people to know our stand on certain issues that may have serious political trajectories..

What are some of your organization’s achievements over the years?

To move forward we must look back from where we are coming. We try to accomplish the much we can and for the past few years, it has been more of a relapse and shock from the lockdown across the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

We tried to stay in touch and also send the much we had to support those in need. But notwithstanding we have joint collaborations to look into trade and social integration.

We also have tried in our own way to have a small study centre where we have teachers to teach young ones Igbo language and we have traditional retreats for executives as well.

Our main aim as an apolitical cultural group is to promote the culture and keep the spirit of brotherhood alive. After all, when we finish we will all still go home, if not this generation then the next.

What is your take on Project NWAFOR Igbo championed by Rowland Okorie?

Project NWAFOR Igbo as far as I’m concerned is a timely creation. It can not come at a better time. I fell in love with it from inception, in fact from the moment I heard the name because it struck a chord in my spirit.

I bless Rowland for the initiative, the creativity, and the zeal he puts into it. The young man has spent so much money and needs assistance.

The project is most welcomed because, from its mission which is to heal and rebuild Alaigbo and infuse investments to make our land more productive, it has come to complement any good governance.

I support this project and will make sure that with all the resources at our disposal, we will make Alaigbo great again.

Having a desire and bringing it to reality are two different things Sir, how will Project NWAFOR Igbo succeed?

You know, I will not tell you how but I will tell you why Project NWAFOR Igbo will succeed. The mere fact that we are in Europe does not mean that we don’t think of our home. There’s no one here that is happy to be in another man’s land. We all desire to go home. But a wise man knows that when there is war it is the innocent that suffers casualty.

We are but a few that left long ago with intentions and desire to come back and rebuild. That rebuilding is what Rowland has started and we must all put hands together and support him in whatever way we can.

I will be calling a separate meeting of Igbo investors to look into any financial needs he may have and at the same time we wish to partner with the project. I will also put a private call to the Governor of Imo State to listen to what Rowland Okorie has to say.

What’s your take on the spite of insecurity in Imo State and its toll on investments?

It’s quite an ugly and unfortunate development but notwithstanding you can see that the truth is gradually unfolding. It was in the news that a couple of thugs sponsored by Asari Dokubo were caught disguised as unknown gunmen. So it’s clear to the blind that Igbos are not violent people. Talk less of seating at home on instruction of faceless thugs.

We will get to the root of the matter and luckily for us, even Project NWAFOR Igbo has a solution to the insecurity issue.

How do you see leadership in Nigeria?

Well, leadership in Nigeria has always been our problem. Even now, we have not gotten it right. The leaders are disconnected from the followers and greed is just the order of the day. We need leaders that are pragmatic, selfless, and honest. We are not there yet.

What’s your take on the political positioning of the Igbo people side-by-side claims of marginalization?

Nigeria has never been fair Politically or otherwise to the Igbos since after the war. Everything the Igbos have has been from their sweat and blood, and yes marginalization is real. It’s a threat to the very existence of the Igbos.

It has even taken a turn for the worse as there is no justice anymore, I mean with hooligans like Asari Dokubo threatening a whole race that he wishes he could continue selling them like his forefathers and brandishing a weapon on nationwide television and the Nigerian police and the state security department cannot touch him.

What then is hate speech? That is another form of marginalization. when one cannot get justice and protection.

It started with economic marginalization. Even the so-called second Niger bridge is not fully functional till now and there is not a single functional port or wharf in the entire South East.

Can I remind you of the Oseakwa Deep Sea Port which is a strategic economic infrastructure for global trade? It is a priceless asset for accessing a share of Africa’s free trade economy valued at $3.6 trillion.

Yet it remains untouched and untapped. That is the marginalization I am talking about.

Nigeria, with a population that is four times greater, has far fewer less efficient international seaports in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Warri, and Calabar.

For ease of doing business, I suggest that Anambra must anticipate this emerging economic boom opportunity by attracting world-class engineering, procurement, and construction companies to partner and deliver the Oseakwa Deep Sea Port facilities today. This is what Project NWAFOR Igbo is all about. This is the foresight Rowland has and I am in full support of it.

What is your take on the last 14th Mbaise convention in Las Vegas and the things that happened?

Oh, that was an unfortunate incident that will never repeat itself again. We are wiser now and know that there are people in our midst that don’t wish us well.


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