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Latest Npower News On Payment Today 31 Oct. 2023



Latest npower news on payment today 31 Oct. 2023 can be accessed below.

In today’s Latest Npower NewsNewsrain Nigeria reports that FG has renamed Npower to Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme (RHJCP) and revealed when payment of allowance backlog will commence.

 President Bola Tinubu federal government has said it would commence payment of the nine-month backlog to Npower beneficiaries in November.

This Nigeria news platform understands that the government also renamed the scheme to the Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme (RHJCP).

The National Programme Manager of the N-Power, Akindele Egbuwalo, disclosed this on Monday.

Egbuwalo said the payment would be done in installments.

He said the funds have been recovered from the existing payment service providers.

A statement signed by the national communication manager of the National Social Investment Programme Agency (NSIPA), Jamaluddeen Kabir, said that Egbuwalo revealed this during a meeting with some N-Power beneficiaries.

Other Latest Npower News, RHJCP News On Payment Today 31 Oct. 2023


Betta Edu Proposes 60k Monthly Npower Stipends payment

NewsRain Nigeria reports that the N-Power Management has proposed a N60,000 Monthly Npower Stipends payment for the prospective Beneficiaries of the renewed Hope Npower Skill Up Nigeria Program.

The Honourable Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty alliviation Dr. Betta Edu disclosed this information in the latest interview she had with Channels TV.

According to the Minister, the present pay is N30,000 but we are proposing a unified payment of N50,000 to N60,000 for the prospective Beneficiaries of the renewed Hope Npower Skill Up Nigeria Program.

The Minister further stated that they are waiting until they have the agreement on what the new minimum wage will be and then pay them according to the new minimum wage.

The Npower program is currently under restructuring by the new management and will commence fully by January 2024 when the restructuring is completed


Betta Edu Moves To Restructure Npower, Extends Age Enrollment To 40 Years

The federal government has extended the age limit for Npower enrollment from 18-35 to 18-40 years under a new restructured program aimed at capturing five million youths in five years.

Allaying public fear over the temporary suspension of the program as earlier announced, N-Power National Programme Manager, Dr. Akindele Egbuwalo, said the program is being restructured and expanded to cover one million beneficiaries each year for five years and allow more people to participate across the age brackets.

He said the ongoing restructuring of the N-Power programme will bring about the employment of five million young Nigerians in five years and include more programs previously not in the scheme.

In a statement from the Special Adviser to the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Dr. Betta Edu, Rasheed Zubair, Egbuwalo appealed to Nigerians to understand the rationale behind the temporal suspension of the N-Power programme and the subsequent restructuring it is undergoing, saying the federal government was working to restore confidence in the programme.

Betta Edu Announces Date For Npower Beneficiaries Payment

The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation Dr Betta Edu has announced the date that Npower beneficiaries’ payment will resume.

This Nigeria news platform understands that Betta Edu stated that the payment of Npower beneficiaries will commence in January 2024.

By January 2024, New beneficiaries will be enrolled under the new Npower programme now non as Hope Skills Acquisition Programme. However, as the Minister states, backlog payment of verified exited Npower batch C2 beneficiaries will be cleared.

Betta Edu narrates the story behind unpaid Npower Stipends, Nexit Package

The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation Dr Betta Edu narrates the Story Behind Unpaid Npower Stipends And Nexit Package in the latest interview.

According to the Minister, when we came on board, we found a lot of issues and baggage in the entire Npower programme.

So first we think more persons were allowed to register for the program beyond the envelope that was provided for the program.

Secondly, funds were released for payment of people under the Npower programme. However, these funds were not paid in a timely manner by the managers of the funds of Npower to the Beneficiaries.

The third and final point is that there are persons who are on the payment list who are not supposed to be there, persons who were there and are not working and have not given any service but just believe that once you are enrolled you will just continue to have payment.

HM Betta Edu added that there are people who there time within the Npower has elapsed since a year ago but they still believe that they should continue to get money. So they said is exit plan, exit fund, exit payment.

FG rebrands Npower to Renewed Hope Skills Acquisition Programme

President Bola Tinubu Federal Government has rebranded the Npower Programme To Renewed Hope Skills Acquisition Programme.

The new Minister of the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty alliviation Dr Betta Edu has been working to restore the lost glory of the Npower programme since she was sworn as Minister.

Lately, the Npower programme which was initiated by the Buhari Administration has received backlash on poor management. The Beneficiaries are being owed 8 months of unpaid stipends.

In view of this, the Honourable Minister stated that the Npower programme has totally been overhauled and will be upgraded so that the Beneficiaries can be truly empowered and Nigeria youths be engaged.


5 Things That Might Happen When Npower Program Is Rejigged

1. Since the current set of the Npower beneficiaries’ terms will come to an end by October 2023, the new Npower Management might exit batch B and clear their outstanding stipend payment.

2. The New Npower management might begin with recruiting a new batch of 2023 Npower volunteers.

3. The stipend payment for the Npower beneficiaries might be reviewed upward or downward to engage more Beneficiaries.

4. The agency under the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation that will be overseeing the Affairs of the Npower programme and other NSIP Programme is the National Social Investment Programme Agency NSIPA managed by Mrs. Bulus

5. Since the new Administration is focusing on creating jobs through the digital economy, the Npower management might try to engage more Npower beneficiaries in that path.

At this stage, the Npower beneficiaries are advised to be patient as the Ministry is rejiggering the programmes under NSIP which Npower belongs. Payment might also be reviewed upward or downward to include more people in the programs.

As regards Nexit Opportunity, there are rumors that new information will soon be given and even those who did not do the training will be asked to submit their business plan and favors will be asked from other companies that have given the training to give the untrained a certificate and give them a business plan to submit.

1. Unpaid Stipends – A Concern Raised

Npower beneficiaries have been vocal about their frustrations regarding unpaid stipends. These stipends are a crucial source of income for many, and delays can cause financial strain. However, Minister Betta Edu, the new face overseeing the program, is keen on addressing these concerns.

2. Minister Betta Edu’s Commitment

Minister Betta Edu has reassured Npower beneficiaries of her unwavering commitment to improving their experiences. Her primary goal is to bring smiles to the faces of these beneficiaries and create more opportunities for both existing participants and new applicants.

3. Backlog Payment and New Recruitment

One significant announcement from Minister Betta Edu is that once the backlog payments are settled, new recruitment will kick off. This news offers hope to unemployed Nigerians eager to join the Npower initiative. The new Minister of FMHAPA has confirmed that Npower’s outstanding payment will be paid! They are rejiggering the program as beneficiaries advocated for the Benefit of all beneficiaries and prospective applicants. Read details here HM Betta Edu Disclosed Plans For Npower, Other NSIP Programme

4. Key Highlights from Dr. Betta Edu’s Radio Nigeria Engagement

Here are some key highlights from Dr. Betta Edu’s recent engagement with Radio Nigeria:

4.1. Addressing Poverty Through Job Creation

Under President Bola Tinubu’s administration, the Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation Ministry aims to tackle poverty head-on by creating jobs and ensuring cash transfers reach impoverished Nigerians. Additionally, efforts will be made to engage the nutrition department and support micro, small, and medium enterprises.

4.2. Managing Humanitarian Crisis

Minister Betta Edu is determined to reduce and manage humanitarian crises in Nigeria more effectively. Her goal is to respond promptly to crises and permanently uplift the poorest of the poor from these dire situations.

4.3. Empowerment Programs Enhancement

Minister Betta Edu has committed to revamping and enhancing existing empowerment programs within the National Investment Programme. The aim is to make these programs more effective and inclusive, covering a broader spectrum of Nigerians.

4.4. Transparency in Palliative Disbursement

To ensure the transparent distribution of palliatives, independent monitors will be involved to guarantee that relief materials reach their intended recipients satisfactorily. The ministry also plans to send staff to all 774 local government areas to gather feedback and track the distribution technologically.

4.5. N-Power Stipend Delays Addressed

Addressing the persistent challenges of stipend delays in N-Power, Minister Betta Edu is committed to changing the payment modalities. This change aims to expedite stipend disbursements, include more beneficiaries, and relaunch the program with a renewed sense of hope.

4.6. Humanitarian Hubs Across Nigeria

The long-term vision of the Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation Ministry includes establishing humanitarian hubs across Nigeria. These hubs will host locally-produced commodities that will be sold at affordable rates to benefit Nigerian citizens.

In conclusion, Minister Betta Edu’s commitment to addressing the concerns of Npower beneficiaries and her vision for the program’s future holds promise for both current and prospective participants. The Nigerian government’s dedication to eradicating poverty and improving livelihoods remains steadfast.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Npower, and who are the beneficiaries?

Npower is a social intervention program in Nigeria aimed at providing job opportunities and skills acquisition for unemployed youths. Beneficiaries are young Nigerians who have been enrolled in various categories of the program.

2. What are the causes of stipend delays in N-Power?

Stipend delays in N-Power can be attributed to administrative and logistical challenges. Minister Betta Edu is working on addressing these issues to ensure timely payments.

3. How can I apply for Npower if I’m interested?

When the recruitment process begins, you can apply for Npower through the official website or portal provided by the Nigerian government. Keep an eye on official announcements for updates.

4. What are the long-term goals of the Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation Ministry?

The ministry’s long-term goals include establishing humanitarian hubs across Nigeria to support impoverished communities and providing affordable, locally-produced commodities to the public.

5. How can beneficiaries track the distribution of palliatives in their local government areas?

The ministry plans to use technology to track palliative distribution, ensuring transparency. Specific details on how beneficiaries can access this information will be provided in due course.

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